The Lynette Thomas Scholarship Application

Here are some important things you need to do before completing this form:

  1. Official high school transcripts must be submitted to

  2. Obtain two letters of recommendation (from high school faculty/administrator and/or from a community organization).

  3. Upload a high school resume.

  4. Proof of Community Service.

  5. Be ready to type in or copy & paste your answer to the following essay question: Systemic racism is a hot topic today. Whether you are on the receiving end or not, the terminology awakens feelings in most people. In your own words, describe how systemic racism has affected you personally and how you attempted to cope/overcome it? How can we combat socioeconomic and racial injustices in 2021 and years to come?

**IMPORTANT: It will be helpful to have all of the above items available in order to complete the form as quickly as possible.**