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The Amicette Club

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Introdution to Amicettes
TDZ Amicette Club



 Psalms 121


Established: December 5, 2020


Inaugural members of the TDZ Amicette Club were Wynter B., Niyah B.K., Chauntay B., Autumn F., Fayha G., Niyah H., Ka'Nijza H., Sophie K., Rihanna M., Tinuola O., Ololade (Lola) O., Khloe S., Kendall., Cheyenne S., Aubrey W., Amber W., Selah W., Sophia A., Zora P., and Dior W.

Inaugural Advisors: Alicia Ward and Stacy Sales

Committee: Kyle Ford, Ciara Ray, Felicia Johnson, Tamika Spencer, Tanja Brown, and Odie Oluwole

Third Vice President: Corisa C. Myers

President: Darkesha Moton


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