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The Archonette Club

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Introduction to Archonettes
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Established: January 14, 2011


Inaugural members of the TDZ Archonette Club were Brittany A., Briana A., MiKayla B., Kiyanna C., Diamond G., Jasmine G., Nia J., Brianna K., and Nandi S.

Inaugural Advisors:  Nicole Allain and Connie Kinder

Committee: Deidre Boykin, Heather Brown-Coward, Teraleen Campbell, Careese Gonzalez, Renee Graves, Carol Kelly, Corisa Myers, Connie Kinder, Ashley Mitchell, Nneka Onye, Lisa Turner, Stacy Sales, Tamara Swinson, and Tiffany Williams 

2010-2011 Third Vice President: Carol Kelly

2010-2011 President: Lisa Simpson-Smith


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2023 - 2024 registration season is open now through September 30, 2023.

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